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Art Studio

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My cross-over to the fine arts was triggered about 7 years ago when I was lovesick. These heart troubles lead me to channel my feelings through the art of drawing.

From this point on, I could let my creativity and fantasy flow freely. This unrestricted manner of creation has been missing from my life as a musician. I have mostly missed the ability to tell the whole story. In music, the stories are already laid out by the composers. Now, being a “creator” myself, I am free to establish the stories the way I want them to be.

The basic idea is being able to channel energy, fantasy, creativity and spontaneity via different genres of art. When we are merely interpreters, this process still requires a great amount of creative juices, albeit in a restricted manner.

I have asked myself: How could I visualize words, how could I grasp the meaning of texts and re-interpret, re-create these by the use of my comprehension, my abilities, my knowledge, my life experiences and my creative power.

I have never been trained in the fine arts professionally. Therefore, I am relying completely on my instincts and my inner voice. One could even describe the process of creating my works of art as a “meditative method”. I believe it is not too far-fetched to say that all artistic creations come to life via some sort of transcendental meditation, a spiritual regeneration that brings the artist to a new level.

Free at last! Nobody is restricting me, nobody is telling me what to do. I am even allowed to make mistakes. I don’t have to be afraid of anybody and I don’t need to fulfill anyone’s requirements.

This is an amazing feeling!

Creating pictures is a perfect way to balance out music. This opens up another way of interpretation, another way of composition. The resulting works of art should grasp, move and empower the observer. This can only happen if I present my innermost self the most authentic way possible.